Who am I?

My name is Alex and I’m STILL IN MY TWENTIES. I started backpacking when I was 18 by accident, after leaving an eco-preservation mission in Guatemala that turned into a complete disaster, and I haven’t stopped since! I was at the end of a 2-years trip around the globe when the pandemic hit, so I’m planning to go back asap. I love to stuff my face, hike flat trails and dance until my feet are numb.


Why this blog?

I wanted to do something meaningful with my life and since that eco-preservation mission went to sh*t, I figured I’d share my wisdom with all my fellow traveling bitches – guys & girls -around the World. You’re welcome!

Is this blog for girls only?

Absolutely not. I basically address my articles to my clueless younger self and identify myself as a girl who likes dudes (a lot), hence the use of the pronoun she and many references to that fit 6″5′ Aussie you met at the hostel. But these are just figures of speech and I hope that everyone can relate to the articles, no matter their gender, gender expression or sexual orientation.